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We create High-Impact Fundraising Campaigns that are fun to execute and scalable to any size nonprofit organization.

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As a nonprofit professional, we all know what we should be doing; raising more money so we can better serve our mission. Sounds easy right?

The reality is many nonprofit directors are so busy meeting their constituents needs they don’t have time to focus on growing revenue. Perhaps your board members don’t want to ask for money and expect staff to do it. Maybe you’re writing grants to meet your needs even though that might be a one-time gift. What if there was a cost effective, easy to implement solution that would dramatically shift your fundraising paradigm?

Welcome to Nonprofit Campaigns.

We create High-Impact Fundraising Campaigns that are fun to execute and scalable to any size institution. Our campaigns are designed to grow unrestricted revenue, increase your organization’s brand awareness and involve board members giving them ownership of the fundraising process. Our goal is to ignite a cultural shift in your group where everyone’s focus is on increasing philanthropy. We put the FUN in fundraising!

Here are some of the benefits our online trainings and consulting services will deliver:
  • INCREASE the number of individual donors and their average gift size.

  • DEVELOP a roadmap to grow your Major Gift donors for many years to come.

  • INVOLVE your board of directors giving them ownership of the fundraising process.

  • INVITE new volunteers into your organization who are eager to advance the mission.

  • PREPARE your nonprofit to be ready for future Capital Campaigns and special projects.

  • INTRODUCE your organization to community leaders with the very best advertising format known; word of mouth advertising.

  • ENGAGE your donors on a journey that will lead to ultimate satisfaction.

Imagine if you retire and come back to visit your organization 10 years later …

to find the systems you implemented are still in place and the budget has doubled (or tripled) even with multiple staff and volunteer leadership changes.

What a legacy! Please check out our Online Training Courses and Consulting Services to start your journey to fundraising transformation!


Online Training

Intro to High Impact Campaigns: A Guide to Prepare for Success!

Live Webinar Launch – Tuesday, November 17, 2020

11 AM Hawaii Time – 1 PM Pacific Time – 4 PM Eastern Time

SIGN UP NOW for this live webinar Tuesday, November 17, 2020 at 11 AM Hawaii Time, 1 PM Pacific Time and 4 PM Eastern Time when we will launch our first online training course “Intro to High Impact Campaigns; A Guide to Prepare for Success”. This offer is limited to the first 100 participants and is guaranteed to transform how you view nonprofit fundraising.

To sign up for this FREE LIVE WEBINAR, click on this link:

This course is currently being produced and will include video instruction and a written guide book featuring all the basics for successful campaigns with a laser focus on “campaign readiness”. We have found nonprofits need to do things in a certain way before they can conduct a successful High Impact Campaign.

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Future Campaign Training Courses Coming Soon!


Sometimes organizations require more than online training videos and written guidebooks.

Sometimes organizations require more than online training videos and written guidebooks. Perhaps you need an outside expert to review your current fundraising practices and offer professional advice. Maybe you want a seasoned specialist to guide you and your volunteers through the campaign process. Our consultants have years of experience planning and executing successful campaigns.

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About Us

Our Nonprofit Campaigns trainers and consultants have spent their entire careers perfecting the art of High Impact Campaigns. They know all the key ingredients that make campaigns successful and what not to do to avoid failure. Here is a quick snapshot of our key leaders here to help guide your fundraising efforts.

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