Intro to High Impact Campaigns; a Guide to Prepare for Success

Hi I’m Rob Webb Founder of Nonprofit Campaigns here to introduce you to our new online training course on how to create exciting High Impact Fundraising Campaigns for your nonprofit organization.  But before I do that let me first say welcome, so you’re probably a nonprofit professional and I’m guessing you’re either the:

  • Executive Director or perhaps Development Director with direct fundraising responsibilities for your organization
  • Or you might be the founder of a nonprofit and looking for ways to sustain your baby and prepare for the future for when someday God forbid, you’re going to be gone
  • Perhaps you’re a volunteer board member or you’re the board chair or maybe you’re starting up a new nonprofit organization
  • You might even be a consultant and you are also definitely welcome here. I was a consultant for many years… I don’t look at you guys as competition, we all have a mission to help – I have a lot of respect for you guys and look forward to collaborating with many of you on future trainings we will offer.

What you all have in common is you’re all looking for a solution to raise more funds for your organization and you have come to the right place.  I am confident this training course will absolutely transform your fundraising efforts and completely change the way you will look at raising money.  I encourage you to keep watching to the end of this video as I have a lot of valuable information to share and a special offer – it’s an invite to a free training opportunity you won’t want to miss out on – I promise it will really help you up your game to becoming a better nonprofit fundraising professional.

Before we dive deeper into this stuff let me first tell you a little about me and our nonprofit campaigns team and why our entire careers have prepared us to be the campaign experts you can rely on and why we created this online training course.

Nonprofit Campaigns is a family owned company and I’m grateful to be partnering with my son Mark in this endeavor, Mark is a graduate of Long Beach State and went on to earn his certificate in nonprofit fundraising from UCLA.  Mark literally grew up immersed in this stuff and spent his entire life watching his mother Donya and I conduct annual campaigns, capital campaigns, endowment campaigns and even my political campaigns 20 years ago.

Donya and I have over 60 years of combined nonprofit fundraising experience with organizations like the YMCA, American Red Cross and Salvation Army and we learned everything that makes campaigns successful and what causes campaigns to fail – and trust me successful campaigns that exceed their goals are a LOT more fun than campaigns that don’t.

When I started as a YMCA Aquatic Director back in 1981 I had absolutely no interest in becoming a fundraiser; I was a swim coach and my goals at that time were creating exciting aquatic programs not exciting fundraising campaigns.  My boss at the time was a guy named Ron Keppler who mentored me and taught me that if I was going to become a successful YMCA director, I needed to become an expert on the annual sustaining campaign as they called it back then.  It was part of the YMCA culture that all staff had a role to play and the campaign was an adult leadership development program just as important as sending kids to camp or parent/child programs or developing healthy lifestyles.

I later went on to work for one of the LA YMCA branches in the 1980s and I got to tell you, those guys were the real pioneers of fundraising campaigns.  I get to learn from people like Paul Netzel and Steve Burns – These were the people that wrote the manual for campaign success and I’m really grateful that some of them are still my friends and mentors today.  They had this stuff down to a science.  Their campaign report meetings were exciting – they were doing stuff like getting the local car dealer, who of course was a board member, to give the top campaigner a new Cadillac to drive for the week – I mean these volunteers were really motivated and having a lot of fun and raising a lot of money.

I’m honored to have spent 14 years working for the YMCA learning everything there is to know about successful campaigns – I became a national trainer for the YMCA , I was active in the Chamber of Commerce, I served as President of my local Kiwanis Club, I got my CFRE certification, and I ultimately got elected as a City Councilman of California’s 5th largest city largely because of my experience working at the YMCA.

In 1995 I left the YMCA and formed R.M. Webb & Associates Consulting – my first client was the Long Beach American Red Cross Chapter back then and I have been blessed to spend the last 25 years perfecting the art and science of successful fundraising campaigns.

Our Chief Consultant Donya Webb had a similar trajectory.  She spent over 20 years managing campaigns as Vice President of the YMCA of Greater Long Beach and she is the absolute master of developing relationships with community and business leaders – recruiting them to be campaigners and board members and getting them invested in her vision and the mission and motivating them to succeed.  She is without a doubt the most passionate campaign director I have ever seen and a lot of the secrets we teach to campaign success in this training course come right out of her playbook.

So Donya has her bachelor’s degree in organizational leadership and her master’s degree in nonprofit fundraising and philanthropy and she has really dedicated herself to learning everything there is to know in this industry.  She recently pointed out that educational institutions are just not teaching the stuff we’re teaching in this program.  We hope to change that and I know it’s on Donya’s bucket list to teach this material at the University level someday and of course it will be at a lot higher price tag than what we are offering you here today.

So let’s get back to this training program I’m offering you today –

After years of providing one-on-one consulting services to nonprofits, we decided it was time to create cost-effective online training courses to teach nonprofit professionals and volunteer board members everything they need to know to go out and conduct successful fundraising campaigns.

When we set out to create this course, we originally planned to only cover what we call ‘campaign readiness’.  That’s because in our experience as consultants, when nonprofits would hire us to help them conduct a campaign, they were just not ready.  What they really needed was someone to help them change the organization’s culture, to help them prepare for a campaign like this. They needed to prepare the staff and volunteers. So many of these organizations view fundraising a drudgery – their board members had no ownership of the fundraising process and expected the staff to do all the work. They didn’t properly support their Executive or Development Director in these efforts – they told staff to go out and write more grants which ultimately leads to an unhealthy reliance on grant funding.

Take a look at this pie chart as to where charitable dollars come from in the United States and compare it what your organization is doing right now. The vast majority, over 70% of your contributed dollars should be coming from individuals. That means the vast majority of your efforts need to go into inviting more individuals to give to your organization and that’s exactly what this online training program will help you achieve.  The good news is, it will also help you raise more corporate gifts and planned giving bequests. After all, corporations are owned by individuals AND bequests by individuals are now the fastest growing segment of contributed dollars every year.

If you take a look at this pyramid of giving, it will show you the path you will be engaging your donor on – and that’s exactly what this training program promises to deliver. We will help you develop a vehicle to invite your best direct mail and online giving donors into your annual campaign and take them on a journey to become major gift donors, capital and special campaign donors and ultimately inviting them to leave a portion of their estate to your organization as a bequest.

As I said before, we originally planned for this first training course to only focus on campaign readiness and I believe we over-achieved that goal. This course will teach you everything you need to know to prepare for your first campaign – from developing a culture of philanthropy, to training your staff and board members, to preparing your back office for campaign success.  But we felt that wasn’t enough; when we talked to clients, we found what they really wanted was to learn everything they needed to know NOW to conduct successful High Impact Fundraising Campaigns. They wanted all the nuts and bolts and They wanted to use this time during the pandemic to prepare so they could hit the ground running.

With that in mind, we decided to double down and now we are giving you basically 2 courses in 1 package – not only will this training prepare your organization for campaign success , we will also teach you everything you need to know right now to conduct a successful High Impact Fundraising Campaign.  Trust me this is no small undertaking for us but we feel it is the right thing to do.

This program now features almost 4 hours of video instruction and a written guide book designed for you to learn at your own pace. Whether you are new to fundraising or a seasoned professional, we are confident this will be one of the most valuable trainings you have ever attended.

This course will help you:

  • INCREASE the number of individual donors and their average gift size.
  • DEVELOP a roadmap to grow your Major Gift donors for many years to come.
  • INVOLVE your board of directors giving them ownership of the fundraising process.
  • INVITE new volunteers into your organization who are eager to advance the mission.
  • PREPARE your nonprofit to be ready for future Capital Campaigns and special projects.
  • INTRODUCE your organization to community leaders with the very best advertising format known; word of mouth advertising.
  • ENGAGE your donors on a journey that will lead to ultimate satisfaction.

We will launch this course on November 17, 2020 with a free live webinar to the first 100 participants that sign up. The free webinar will take place at 11AM Hawaii Time – 1PM Pacific Time – 3PM Central Time and 4PM Eastern Time.    You can sign up now at

Even if this course is not right for you, I promise you will learn valuable information at this live webinar that will up your game as a nonprofit professional absolutely free – so go to our website and sign up right now.

So here is the special offer I promised at the beginning of this video:

On November 17th, we will be offering this course to the first 100 participants for beta-testing at a cost of only $199 – That’s a $150 savings off the regular price of $349 when we re-launch the course to the public after the beta-testing process. But there is a catch – We are asking beta-testers to conduct a survey after completing the course and give us your honest feedback. We hope to get glowing testimonials from you and we’ll graciously accept your constructive criticism.

We are a CFRE International Approved Provider for Continuing Education. After we compile the beta-testing results, we will update the product and re-launch the course for $349 to the general public. As a way of saying Thank You for your feedback, we are offering you updates and future re-launches for the lifetime of the course at no additional cost. We will also give you early access to pre-order our future trainings at a significant savings.

As a special bonus before the November 17th webinar, we are offering our early subscribers like you an opportunity to pre-order this course now for only $99. This offer is limited offer to people who sign up before the November 17 webinar and will not be offered again. You will receive all the same benefits that regular beta-test participants get at a $100 savings.

Don’t delay go to the online training page of our website right now to sign up for the free live webinar and to take advantage of this limited pre-order offer before it’s too late.

Thank you I look forward to working with you as we create exciting High Impact Fundraising Campaigns together.