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High-impact /ˌhīˈimpakt/


able to affect or influence someone or something in a powerful way


Cam·paign / kamˈpān/


an organized course of action to achieve a particular goal

We believe that almost all nonprofit fundraising tasks are best executed when structured as a campaign.

The most successful nonprofits organizations are either prepare for, executing or wrapping up some kind of campaign. Our mission is to provide both new staff and seasoned professionals with the tools and knowledge necessary to create High Impact Fundraising Campaigns. We will help you create a cultural shift that will completely change your current fundraising paradigm. We are convinced the best campaigns are volunteer led and staff managed with a specific goal and measurable results.

Our online trainings and consulting services offer you a high energy, easy to implement solution that will dramatically increase contributed funds, enhance the organization’s brand awareness and involve your board members, giving them ownership of the fundraising process.

Online Training

Intro to High Impact Campaigns: A Guide to Prepare for Success!

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After years of providing one-on-one consulting services to nonprofits, we decided it was time to create cost-effective online training courses to teach nonprofit professionals and volunteer board members everything they need to know to conduct successful fundraising campaigns. We originally planned our first course to only cover what we call “Campaign Readiness” as we have found that nonprofit organizations need to learn how to do things in a certain way before they should ever consider embarking on a fundraising campaign. After talking to our clients, we determined what they really want is instruction on how to conduct successful campaigns NOW. They told us they are really struggling and want to use this time during the COVID-19 pandemic to completely strategize a plan for campaign success. With this in mind, we decided to double down and combine our Campaign Readiness course with everything you need to know to plan your first successful High Impact Fundraising Campaign now.

Intro to High Impact Campaigns; a Guide to Prepare for Success now includes everything from developing a culture of philanthropy to preparing your back office for campaign success. You will learn how to train staff and volunteers, recruit campaigners and prepare your board members for leadership opportunities. This course features almost 4 hours of video instruction and a written guide book designed for you to learn at your own pace. Whether you are new to fundraising or a seasoned professional, we are confident you will find this course to be one of the most valuable trainings you have ever attended.

This course will be launched via a free LIVE Webinar on Tuesday, November 17, 2020 at 11:00 AM Hawaii Time – 1:00 PM Pacific Time – 3:00 PM Central Time – 4:00 PM Eastern Time. To sign up for this FREE LIVE WEBINAR, click on this link:

We will launch this course on Tuesday, November 17, 2020 at 11 AM Hawaii Time, 1 PM Pacific Time and 4 PM Eastern time via live webinar to the first 100 participants for beta-testing at $199 – That’s a $150 savings off the regular price of $349 when we re-launch the course after the beta-testing process. But there is a catch. We are asking beta-testers to conduct a survey after completing the course and give us your honest feedback. We hope to get glowing testimonials from you and we’ll graciously accept your constructive criticism. We will be submitting this course to CFRE International for continuing education credit during the beta-testing process. After we compile the beta-testing results, we will update the product and re-launch the course for $349 to the general public. As a way of saying Thank You for your feedback, we are offering you free updates and future re-launches for the lifetime of the course. We will also give you early access to pre-order our future training courses at a significant savings.

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We believe that almost all nonprofit fundraising tasks are best executed when structured as a campaign.

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